About Us

HMF Chemical Advanced Materials - is a consortium of two Polish manufacturing companies in the 3D printing area - CORO Technology and Mifon Chemical. The main business profile is the design of compose innovation plastics and the production of filaments based on chemically developed raw materials, adapted to the needs of spatial printing.

The combination of knowledge, experience, professionalism and joint production capabilities allows us to provide the most advanced materials for 3D printing in the FDM technology. We produce the offered materials on our own production lines that are proprietarily adapted technologically for the production of filaments. The right choice of construction solutions, adapted to specific materials, directly translates into the quality of our products. The filament is almost completely devoid of the vibration effect - maintaining a constant shape and dimension. The relative deviation of the cross-sectional area over the entire length of the filament for all materials we offer is 0.01 - which is an unnoticeable value for the 3D printing process, and can be treated as a measurement error of the metrological tools.

The combination of mechanical, thermal and physical properties unprecedented on a global scale with remarkable dimension stability allowed us to create a perfect filament dedicated not only to the industry and professionals, but to all those who want to print effectively and attractively.


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